2018 Board Nominations


Positions Open for Nomination


Chapter President

  • Oversee General Chapter Operations via Directors

  • Conduct Chapter Board Meetings

  • Chapter Leadership Development / Succession Planning

  • Oversee the Chapter Election Process via the Nominating Committee

  • Primary Liaison for:

    • EWGA Staff

    • Volunteer Chapter Development Specialists

    • EWGA Foundation

  • Promote / Attend EWGA Events & Web Conference


Chapter Secretary (Non-voting position)

  • Record minutes of the meetings

  • Keep records for the Chapter

  • Keeps master calendar for Chapter


Member Services Director

Builds and oversees a Team to assist with the following tasks:

  • Member Welcome Program

  • Member Profile

  • Member Orientations

  • Volunteer Enrollment

  • Volunteer Recognition

  • Golf Mentoring Program


Member Recruitment Director

Builds and oversees a Team to assist with the following tasks:

  • Member Recruitment Activities

  • Member Recruitment Events

  • Community Relations

  • Ensure Chapter Exceeds EWGA 25 Member Minimum Standard Requirement


Events Director

 Organize, Promote and Conduct

  • Golf Events

  • Golf Leagues *

  • Non-Golf Events

  • Networking Events

  • Social Activities

  • Special Events

  • Charity Events / Rally Events

  • Chapter Championship

  • Champions Cup


Marketing Director

Builds and oversees a Team to assist with the following tasks:

  • Chapter Partner / Sponsors

  • Media Relations

  • Press Releases

  • Community Calendar

  • Special Events


Finance & Records Director

Builds and oversees a Team to assist with the following tasks:

  • File Required EWGA Submissions

  • Compliance with Chapter & Association Policies

  • Financial Oversight

    • Maintains Chapter Bank Account(s) and investment accounts

    • Develop / Monitor Budget

    • Year End Financials

    • Tax Returns

  • Business Requirements

    • Tax Exempt Status

    • Incorporation Status

    • Insurance

  • Chapter Master Calendar

  • Meeting Minutes


Flex Model 

Board Qualifications


Expectations of a Chapter Board Member

Board Member Candidates should possess these qualities and skills or be willing to develop them while on the Board.

Visible and Available

Participates in Chapter events & activities

Accessible and responsive to Chapter members, Chapter volunteers, board members, EWGA staff and Association volunteers


Engaged and Interested

Honors and exemplifies the EWGA Core Values:  Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Honor, Sportsmanship, Fun and Friendship

Attends (physically or through the use of technology) all board meetings, appropriate volunteer team gatherings and related functions

Stays current with the EWGA’s mission, services, policies and programs

Reviews agenda and supporting materials prior to board and team meetings

Assists fellow board members and takes on special assignments as needed

Assist the Board in carrying out its fiduciary responsibilities including the regular review of financial statements and ensuring the fiscal health of the Chapter

Agrees to and honors the confidentiality policy and does not discuss board business outside of board meetings

Willingness to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the office


Involves Others & Delegates

Acts as a manager in overseeing the responsibilities of their team of helpers

Actively establishes, engages, trains and follows up with their team and assists other Board Members in doing the same

Participates actively in the activities of their team - stays informed about team matters

Holds team members and fellow board members accountable for commitments and actions

Gets to know fellow board members and their team members and builds a collegial working relationship that contributes to consensus

Acts swiftly, directly and professionally should a difficult situation arise


Personal Characteristics to Consider When Selecting Board Members


Able to listen, analyze, think creatively and work one-on-one with people and in a group setting.

Able to engage others, inspire them to action, build community and hold them accountable.

Willing to handle conflict directly and with diplomacy


  • Honesty, sensitivity to and tolerance of differing views.
  • A friendly, responsive and patient approach
  • A willingness to learn
  • Sense of values and a sense of humor
  • Personal integrity and a concern for the advancement of EWGA and its mission
  • A positive outlook and attitude